Founded by Dave Huntley, we're a family of Lean-Agile specialists and developers who focus on building great products, teams and communities.

Unlike some, we believe that effective product development means more than just Scrum. Software is embedded so deeply into modern organisations, that an approach which focuses solely on software development, is naive by today's standards. 

We'll show you how to harness the principles of Lean, Agile, Extreme Programming and DevOps to bring positive change to the broader business and help you design, estimate, build, test and ship your products effectively. We can help you to really inspect & adapt.

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What we do.


We won't feed you any cookie-cutter nonsense.  Every organisation is different so we'll spend a lot energy understanding how yours works.



Especially when it's hard to swallow. We're allergic to office politics and we'll call it out at the first opportunity because there is no space for that in an effective workplace.


Hands-on, full-time, on-site coaching 

We don't believe that remote coaching is effective. We will be on-site the whole time. You won't be left you on your own, at any time, until you're ready.


Full-time, on-site and off-site development.

We are double-kick-ass developers. We can support your existing team or work on our own to help you get your project over the line.

What we don't do



Getting good at software delivery is really, really hard. It's never an easy ride but we'll stick with you until you're shipping high value, quality software, on time.



Some people aren't cut out for this.  Some people don't bring anything to the table. They will struggle in a results oriented environment. 


Unrealistic or invisble plans.

We'll work with you to create a transformation plan that focuses and involves everybody. We will never tell you it will get worse before it get's better!



Instead of 50 slides of waffle and manipulation tactics, we use the magic of human speech, teamwork and real-life experience to coach. We won't make you sit through another god-awful slideshow, ever.

100% Opinion Free Advice.

Why not start with a free, one hour session with one of our consultants. You get a structured session, where we'll aim to understand what makes your organisation successful, how you get work done today and the challenges your currently facing.  A couple of days later we'll come back to you to offer some targeted next steps. If you want to carry on with us after that, great!